Individual Booking


1 Day Course : Level 1 Award, Health & Safety In A Construction Environment

Cost: £110 per learner.  

*Please note that the course includes essential pre-course reading of approximately 2 – 4 hours

A registration session will be arranged approximately 1 week prior to the course  in order to distribute the self study materials (Course Reference Book and Multiple Choice question sets), and to provide an introduction to the course and the venue. There is no extra charge for this session of approximately 1 hour.

Personal attendance for the registration session is preferred but if this is difficult then alternative arrangements can be made by telephone and the pre-course preparation materials sent by post. Payment in advance will be requested at the time of registration. 

The above fee also includes the costs of the venue, assessment and verification of workbooks and accreditation costs. Level 1 Award certificates will be applied for on behalf of the learner.

 Core topics of the Level 1 Award

  • Risk assessment and method statements, accident reporting, hazard and risk
  • Manual handling
  • Working at height
  • Risks to health within a construction environment.
  • Working around plant and equipment safely

It is important to note that this course provides a lifetime qualification, it does not have to be repeated.    Both companies and  individuals should check this carefully.  Many alternative courses require the learner to re-sit every 3 years. This is often not disclosed to learners when they apply to join a course. (CSCS requires a re-sit every 5 years, giving  learners the opportunity to up-date their health and safety knowledge when they renew their card).

Optional additional services

 Coaching session / preparation for the external CSCS test.

Approximately 3 hours. Cost: £45 per learner includes the use of  a revision booklet.

Includes topics from the level 1 award (as listed above), plus new learning:

  • First Aid
  • Electrical Safety
  • Fire Hazards
  • Confined Spaces
  • PPE
  • Environment And Waste

The session also includes knowledge checks and mock tests. It has proved very successful at boosting readiness for the externally set CSCS test.


Arranging and administration of CSCS test date (including ID support and guidance if needed)

Cost: £32 per learner, to include cost of test and booking administration.

Purchase/application for the CSCS green card. (combining the certificate with the CSCS test score sheet)

Cost: £45 per  learner