Terms and Conditions


Once a booking has been requested, date agreed  and numbers confirmed,  the booking organisation / or  individual participant, will be deemed to have entered into a contract. An invoice will be raised and payment in full should be paid in advance, at the time of the registration session for the course. Failure to make full payment may be seen as breach of contract and we  reserve the right to cancel the course.

Cancellation and Postponement Policy
In the event of the booking organisation or participant cancelling the course, all expenses incurred by us at this point will be calculated, with an additional Administration Fee of 15%. If the date agreed can be re-assigned to other learners then a refund will be calculated accordingly.  

We do not accept any liability for courses cancelled due to ill health of tutors or other circumstances beyond our control, but we will do our best to reschedule the course at a time to suit you.

Safety of Course Participants
We cannot accept any liability for injury sustained by any participant during the training course. All safe techniques will be taught to participants and all reasonable care will be taken. Participants who are pregnant or who suffer from vision, hearing, musculoskeletal and / or back problems should identify themselves to the course leader before the course begins. If the booking organisation / individual has arranged their own venue for the course,  it is recommended that the booking organisation or participant check liability with their Health Authority (or other employer) prior to the course starting.

We cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage to participants’ personal property or vehicles whilst attending the course. It is the responsibility of the booking organisation or participant to ensure that any venue chosen meets necessary Health and Safety requirements and that fire procedures etc. are explained to all at the start of the course.

All participants who have agreed to attend the course must sign a disclaimer form. This must be handed to the Trainer / Tutor on the first day of the course.

Comfort of Course Participants
If at an outsourced venue, we expect the booking organisation to provide regular beverages (i.e., at least mid morning and mid afternoon) and a light lunch for participants where possible.

When the course is run at our venue, there is a cafe on site and the charity will provide regular beverages and a light lunch at a reasonable cost.  

Video or other tape recordings of the course are not permitted without our prior written consent.   All course books are copyrighted to the author and ownership of all courseware remains with the author at all times.  Reproduction of any course material without consent  is not permitted and this condition will be strictly enforced.  

Confidentiality Statement
The material and information (together called the course content) provided to you during this course is confidential and is the property of the author. The course content is not to be copied, reproduced, or adapted in any format or used for any other purpose, including, but not restricted to, the presentation of skills training courses or similar forms of training for third parties. The obligations set out above shall not apply to any part of the course content which the author subsequently publishes in the public domain. Signing the application form constitutes your compliance with the terms of this Confidentiality Statement.

The booking organisation must incorporate our confidentiality statement in any application forms they issue to participants.